Pick Your Own at
Pine Crest Orchard

Everyone is welcome to Pick Your Own fruit at Pine Crest Orchard, Bilpin.

All apples are $4kg, and the price of other produce varies. Our hours are 10am to 4pm Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays. There is no admission fee, just pay for what you pick.

Following the heat wave, during which the apples ripened quickly and few customers braved the heat to pick them, there are lots of ripe Gala apples to pick. The pears are also at their peak with red, green and brown european pears ready and brown and yellow nashi now crisp and juicy straight off the tree. So come and enjoy the orchard this weekend and pick fruit at its very best. A reminder for those interested in our bush botany tours you need to book in advance.

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