Fruit available at Pine Crest Orchard

Apples: available early January to May. The season starts each year with Tydemans early followed by Akane in January, Gala from early February and then Jonathon, Delicious and Golden Delicious. Fujis are from late March, and Granny Smith and Pink Lady finish off the apple season. We usually continue selling until late May.

Peaches: Pine Crest Orchard grows delicious peaches, both white and yellow-fleshed varieties, which are available from December to February each year.


Plums: The first Blood Plums start in early January followed by the yellow fleshed Narrabeen and then the Radiance. By mid February the Blood Plum and Ruby Red are ready and by mid March ‘Autumn Giant’ finish off the plum season. They are great when you pick them yourself straight from the tree.

Pears: Pears are best purchased green and ripened at home or you have to eat a lot in a short time. They are available from late January. As they only ripen off the tree they must be picked when green

 This delicious asian pear is an expensive delicacy in the stores, but available at Pine Crest for you to pick, in many different varieties. The Nashi Pears mature in February. unlike european pears they must be left to fully ripen on the tree.

Berries and Nuts:
 Delicious punnets of ripe sweet raspberries, freshly picked, are available in February and March. Walnuts and chestnuts are available in April and May.