Lots of apples, pears and sunflowers at Pine Crest Orchard right now – February 26, 2021

Currently we have Jonathan, Golden Delicious, Jonagold and a few other apple varieties to pick and our new hybrid pears are cropping well this year for the first time. These hybrids between Chinese, Nashi and European pears can be eaten straight off the tree like our Chinese pears (Ya Li) that are also ripe right now. On the other hand European pears, for example Williams and Packhams, do not ripen on the tree but are picked firm and need to be chilled first and will then ripen upon removal from your refrigerator. so try our new “Pixie Pears” which will be followed by our Maxi pears often called “Papples” as they look a bit like an apple but are in fact pears.

Our sunflowers are also flowering now. Enjoy the flowers for the next few weeks. You can purchase them at $2/stem