Pine Crest Open for 2021/22 Fruit Season

We welcome all visitors to Pine Crest Orchard as the 2021/22 fruit season officially kicks off on Boxing Day (December 26, 2021).

Note we have no cherries left, as November is cherry month at Pine Crest Orchard.

We will have some early season William Pride apples on Boxing Day, but the main apple season starts on January 26 with Royal Gala apples very plentiful this year.

We have plenty of local produce for sale in our shop front, including jams, honey, cider and juice. There are also strawberries and raspberries in limited quantities on Saturdays.



Currently we have Jonathan, Golden Delicious, Jonagold and a few other apple varieties to pick and our new hybrid pears are cropping well this year for the first time. These hybrids between Chinese, Nashi and European pears can be eaten straight off the tree like our Chinese pears (Ya Li) that are also ripe right now. On the other hand European pears, for example Williams and Packhams, do not ripen on the tree but are picked firm and need to be chilled first and will then ripen upon removal from your refrigerator. so try our new “Pixie Pears” which will be followed by our Maxi pears often called “Papples” as they look a bit like an apple but are in fact pears.

Our sunflowers are also flowering now. Enjoy the flowers for the next few weeks. You can purchase them at $2/stem

Persimmon, Pink Lady and Nuts

March 28, 2020 and we have lots of Persimmon and Pink Lady apples to pick. Our  persimmon are the sweet crisp fuyu type which are so popular. Right next to them you can pick the first Pink Lady apples of the season. We still have Fuji apples for those who like a really sweet apple and of course the old favourite Granny Smith are terrific at the moment.

In the shed we have a good supply of chestnuts and walnuts together with our jams, juices, ciders, cider vinegar and honey. In particular the raspberry jam we have been busy making with all the rain affected raspberries we have been picking is fantastic.

Lots of Apples 

Lots of Apples 

Now we are into February the rain is pouring down and the threat of further fire damage has gone. The 2020 apple season is now in full swing with Gala and Sweetie apples in abundance and Fuji apples set to start in another week. Then in April we have our biggest ever crop of Pink Lady apples and persimmons.

Plenty of honey, jam, apple juices, apple cider vinegar and apple cider for purchase and even some green walnuts which are popular with some of our middle eastern customers

So now the rain has come and the fires gone come and enjoy our orchard .

No entrance fee. Just pay for what you pick



Join us for a tour of Pine Crest Orchard, learn about the different fruits and how they develop, and then to stay on and enjoy the blossoms.
All fruit starts as flowers, and the peaches, plums and cherry trees are now putting on their annual flower display.
You are welcome to stay after the tour and picnic in the orchard but please note we will not be selling food or drink.
Cost: $10 each adult, $5 for children. Max family charge $25 (2 adults with kids).
Between Saturday 14 September 2019 10:00 AM and Saturday 14 September 2019 2:00 PM

Pine Crest Orchard
2549 Bells Line of Road, Bilpin, NSW 2758

Finish of 2018/19 Season at Pine Crest

Our 2018/19 fruit picking season has now finished with the last apples and persimmons being picked on Saturday (27/4). Thanks to all our customers for your support during what has been a difficult season with  some apple varieties not setting a good crop and others being decimated by cockatoos and bats.

We are currently erecting more netting over the front section of orchard which includes our old Jonathan trees, so we hope, God willing, with birds and bats excluded we will once again harvest a good crop of Jonathan apples.

At this stage we plan to re-open in December when the first peaches are ripen. If the cherries crop well we will also open for a few Saturdays in November for apricot and cherry picking.

Follow us on face book for updates and information about our bush tours and our orchard and blossom tours later in the year.

Keep healthy until the new season starts.

  John and all the Pine Crest Orchard team


April 14 possibly the last day for Pick Your Own 2018/19

Tomorrow, Sunday April 14 is likely to be the last day for pick your own until next season

Following a very busy week, with our persimmons being a big hit, we have very few Persimmons or Pink Lady apples left. We do however have lots of high quality Granny Smith apples which are now great for eating as well as cooking and will keep for 2- 3 months or longer if refrigerated. In fact we may open once more this season on April 27 for Granny Smith picking if we have enough fruit. Check our face book page for the latest information.

Persimmons, Pink Lady Apples, Granny Smith apples.

We have Pink Lady and Granny Smith apples and lots of persimmons  ready to pick.  God willing we will open April 6 & 7 and April 12 – 14. There are also chestnuts ready for picking up this weekend. We expect the first walnuts to be available next weekend (April12-14). There is no entrance fee. Pay for what you pick. We weigh, you pay.  We suggest you wear good suitable footwear taking into account the recent wet weather.

We also sell a range of ciders, apple juices, jams and honey from the shed



Plenty of Persimmons and Quinces

We will open Friday March 22, and Saturday March 23, 2019 after last weekends wet weather. With the persimmons ripening fast there will be lots to pick and there are still plenty of Quinces. Also expect some Fuji, Golden Delicious and Granny Smith apples and some Chestnuts. So come and enjoy our orchard for no entrance fee