Gala Apples Galore but Peaches Finished

The very hot weather in January and the abundance of fruit bats has finished off the peaches early this year. Now the good news. The Gala apples are ripe and ready in great abundance and as they are under the netting you can pick them without having to compete with the fruit bats.  We also have new very sweet apple ready right now which is very appropiately called “Sweetie”Williams pears are also ready and by mid February the Red Williams and Packham pears will be ready. Remember that these pears only ripen after picking and need a period of chilling in your fridge to induce ripening. For Williams 24 hours is long enough but Packhams require 7 days. We have a big crop of excellent apples this year so expect God willing to be open each Friday, Saturday and Sunday until the end of April.