Fuji Apples and Chestnuts. Closed Good Friday

It is mid March and mid season for apples with the Fuji apples great at the moment and Jonathan, Jonagold and Golden Delicious still available. Granny Smith start in 2 weeks (March 23) and Pink Lady 2 weeks later again, around April 6 God willing. We also have limited quantities of blood plums and Chinese pears for picking.

Birds, bats and black cockatoos have inflicted heavy losses on our non-netted areas so visitors will note extra netting and curtains you need to push aside to enter the netted areas for picking.

We have the first chestnuts for the year and they are terrific. Enjoy them in a variety of ways. Roast them, micro-wave them, boil them or add them to a casserole. They taste great.

Lastly, advance notice that we will be closed on Good Friday. If you among the massive crowd that visited us last Good Friday you will understand why. God willing we will open Easter Saturday and Sunday but not Easter Monday